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Powered by the Sun

SOLSKEN is the Swedish word for sunshine. Since the Passive House standard evolved from passive solar concepts, we’ve named our Passive House designs the SOLSKEN by Ecocor Collection. The SOLSKEN Collection is inspired by the sun, the earth, the wind, flowers and trees. Ecocor is proud to make SOLSKEN passive houses available to the homeowners of America.



In Harmony With Nature


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The homes in the SOLSKEN by Ecocor Collection are named after flowers for a reason. Have you ever noticed how a plant’s branches and flowers seem to reach toward the sun? They do! There’s even a word for it:
heliotropism. Of course, homes can’t turn toward the sun like flowers can, but we'll site your Passive House facing south and use the sun's power to heat your home.



The SOLSKEN by Ecocor Collection is your path to a healthy environment. You live inside a warm, comfortable space protected from the elements. But there’s more: our goal is for you and your family to live in a space that is healthy for you. We use the most sustainable, healthful materials we can find.  We minimize the use of paint, varnishes, and formaldehyde in our building materials to a near-zero VOC. An essential part of the Passive House standard is ventilation. The Heat Recovery Ventilator in your SOLSKEN home provides a constant supply of fresh air, filtered to remove pollen and other airborne irritants. A SOLSKEN home may be the most healthful indoor space you’ve ever been in.


A Healthy Home


Your choice of SOLSKEN by Ecocor is good for you, good for your family, and good for the planet. You're taking responsibility for your carbon footprint and reducing your impact on natural resources by choosing from the SOLSKEN Collection. Live in a home constructed with sustainable materials, and maximize your positive impact on the environment.


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