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With simple mechanical systems and high-quality low-maintenance building components, SOLSKEN by Ecocor Passive Houses are simple to operate and inexpensive to maintain.

Careful detailing, advanced design, better building components, and proven building science help to ensure there are never any mold or condensation issues inside the home or inside the walls of the home. Simply put, SOLSKEN homes are designed and built to last a long time.


We started Ecocor to be able to build the extremely energy-efficient, healthy, and architecturally unique designs of our own projects. SOLSKEN by Ecocor is a natural outgrowth of that desire. We believe that sustainability is no longer simply an option.

A SOLSKEN home is sustainable. It features low embodied energy. It is elegant, non-toxic, energy-efficient, and robust. It meets all of the Passive House principles while using the most sustainable, healthy, and green building products available on the market.


In the colder parts of the US, resilience in storm conditions is a real benefit. Because a Passive House very seldom requires active systems for heating and cooling, comfortable indoor conditions are maintained even during power outages or in the face of fuel shortages.

If there is a power loss in the coldest weather, a SOLSKEN house can maintain a safe interior temperature of approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit indefinitely.  In the hottest weather, if overnight passive cooling is available, it is also possible to maintain safe indoor temperatures for an extended period without power. This is just one more way your SOLSKEN by Ecocor home makes your life worry-free.

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