Maybe you want to reduce your carbon footprint,
or maybe you just want to save money.
SOLSKEN homes do both.

Energy Savings

Compared to conventional construction, building  to the Passive House standard reduces the energy demand for heating and cooling by as much as 90%, cutting carbon emissions significantly and providing a direct effect on the environment we all share.

But our SOLSKEN by Ecocor homes go a step further: they have some of the lowest embodied energy of any buildings in the US. We source materials within a few hundred miles to minimize the fixed cost of energy needed to deliver the materials.  We love natural wood and use it where appropriate, but we mix in engineered materials when they serve a specific function. All of these items are produced within a few hundred miles of our shop. When we do purchase materials from farther away, it’s because there is nothing currently manufactured nearby that can perform these important functions as well.

Cost Savings

Saving energy means saving money, too. Energy-efficient design and high-quality construction reduce the monthly heating and cooling costs of a SOLSKEN by Ecocor home by as much as 80% to 90%, compared to standard construction. That means more money in your pocket every month for as long as you live in your Solsken home.

Further, lower energy usage provides protection from future price shocks when energy costs rise, making your SOLSKEN house even more affordable over the long term.


Net Zero Ready

Getting to net zero energy in a cold climate is a two-stage process:

The first step is to design a house that is extremely energy-efficient. This can get you 70-80% of the way there. By building SOLSKEN homes to the Passive House standard, Ecocor achieves that goal for you.

The second step is to provide an on-site source of energy. The solar orientation of your SOLSKEN home will make it ideally situated for solar energy production. We have customers who are exceeding the goal of net zero energy by a significant margin.


While industry estimates find that the initial cost for construction of Passive Homes can be up to 10% more expensive than typical construction, the energy savings start paying that back the day you move in. Those monthly energy savings easily exceed the monthly payments for the additional cost, and they continue to pay you back long after your SOLSKEN home is paid for.

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