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Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. Behold the beauty of a SOLSKEN by Ecocor home. Finely crafted details, gorgeous natural materials, and sunlight bathing the comfortable living areas give you the beautiful living spaces you’re looking for, and our finely crafted windows and doors are works of art in themselves.

Inspired by the best of mid-century and Scandinavian architectural design, the living space presents you with beautiful sightlines from one room to another, and from the inside of your SOLSKEN home to the outside.  A SOLSKEN home will be a pleasure to live in every day.



Thermal Comfort

No matter where you are in your SOLSKEN home, your thermal comfort is insured. Because our thermal envelope is so well-designed and executed, cold drafts and air pockets don’t exist. Our performance standards go beyond Passive House Institute US requirements.

Our customers tell us there’s no more fighting over the thermostat. One has shared that their baby has the run of the house in just a diaper, and can look out the triple pane windows without feeling any cold or drafty air.

Our goal is to provide the highest thermal comfort in summer or winter. We do it with high-performance materials, quality construction, and attention to detail. No hot spots or cold spots: simply consistent, comfortable temperatures throughout your home.


Acoustic Comfort (Quiet)

When you step into a SOLSKEN home and the door closes, the first thing you may notice is the quiet. The noise of the outside world that lies just on the other side of the wall is far away. Deep inside this thermal envelope is a quiet that lets you know your SOLSKEN Passive House is solid.   

Acoustic comfort improves your overall well-being. It provides you a sense of security and privacy. It offers a space where you can recharge and renew, where you can be enveloped in silence or give your full attention to the sound of music or conversation. And with less exterior noise, concentration is higher. Working at home can be more productive.




In a world of constant exposure to chemicals and allergens, we need to be careful what we bring into our homes. Health and comfort are just as important as sustainability and responsible material choice.

Your investment in a SOLSKEN by Ecocor home is a healthy choice. You’re building in a sustainable and responsible manner with healthy non-toxic materials, miniscule volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), and filtered fresh air. You'll live in one of the best interior environments available. Isn't this what we all want?


Healthy Building Materials

Our materials are sourced within a few hundred miles of our shop. We use simple, natural, minimally-processed materials where appropriate, such as natural wood finishes, polished concrete floors, natural stone, and porcelain tile. We frame with a mix of engineered and natural materials, using engineered lumber for its strength and because it maximizes material. Cellulose (chopped newsprint) is our primary insulation, turning what was once a waste product into a high-performance insulator that’s resistant to fires and rodents.


Near Zero VOC's

You probably know that concentrations of volatile organic compounds, or VOC’s, are consistently higher indoors than outdoors. Ecocor builds your SOLSKEN home with this in mind. We minimize the use of paint, varnishes, and formaldehyde in our building materials to a near-zero VOC. And we are constantly sourcing new products that use little to no VOC’s.  Our goal is to create a space that is healthy for you and your family.


Fresh Filtered Air

You and your family will love the abundant supply of fresh, filtered air in your SOLSKEN home. It seems paradoxical, but the very things that make a home energy-efficient can lead to stale, unhealthy air. Airtight buildings are designed to keep warm air in, but they don’t allow fresh-air flow. The solution is to install a heat-recovery ventilation system to introduce fresh, filtered air back into your living space. This living environment is perfect for folks who have compromised breathing, and it is a health benefit even for those who don’t. Filtered air that turns over every three hours is healthy for you and your family.



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