Exterior Finish Options

  • Ecocor Shell

    • Raft Slab Foundation1
    • Exterior Wall Panels
    • Interior Walls & Doors
    • Ventilation System2
    • Roof3
    • Air-Sealing & Insulation
    • Windows & Doors
    • Siding & Exterior Trim
    • Equipment Rental
    • Travel & Transportation Costs
    • Consulting Costs
  • Subtotal: $ 309,985.40
  • Elements Provided by Others

    • Concrete & Rebar
    • Standing Seam Metal Roof
    • Interior Finishes
    • MEP & Miscellaneous Costs
    • Ventilation System Installation
  • Subtotal: $ 188,056.60

  • Subtotal: $ 498,042.00

1. Ecocor Passive foundation system by Ecocor, Concrete and steel by others.

2. Zehnder Comfo Air ventilation system supplied by Ecocor, installation by others.

3. Standing seam metal roof priced by Ecocor in our market. Line item held by others.

* Excludes cost of land, site, work, well, septic, and utilities. Cost of owner items may vary from region to region. The stated cost is for Maine region only. See RPA Ecocor model home matrix for costs in other regions.

Yes! We can customize any design.

Whatever you design, Ecocor can build. Our designs can be used as is or customized to fit your particular site and needs.