Exterior Finish Options

  • Ecocor Shell

    • Sub Slab and Perimeter Insulation/Form System1
    • Exterior Wall Panels
    • Second Floor System (if applicable), Interior Walls, 
    • Ventilation System2
    • Roof Structure3
    • Air-Sealing & Insulation
    • Windows, 
    Exterior Doors
  • Starting at $259.000.00
  • Elements Provided by Others

    • Concrete & Rebar
    • Standing Seam Metal Roof
    • Interior and Exterior Fit and Finishes
    • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing, Ventilation System Installation
  • Starting at $150,000.00*
  • *Pricing varies by region

1. Ecocor foundation system provided by Ecocor. Foundation system consisits of sub slab and perimeter insulation R54.  Foundation System also acts as form work for a Raft Slab. Cost of installation of the form system not included in budetr pricing.  Insulation and or consultation is addressed on a per project basis. 

2.   Zhender Comfo Air Ventilation system supplied by Ecocor, installation by others.

3. Roof Structure prepared for Standing Seam Metal Roofing. (Not included in Shell Pricing.)

* Excludes cost of land, site work, well, septic, and utilities. Cost of owner items may vary from region to region. The stated cost is for Maine region only. 

*Shipping costs are $3.50 per mile, per truck. Shipping is not inlcuded in this pricing.

*Equipment rental to set structure is included in Shell Pricing and is calculated by the Maine market. Actual price may vary based on project location. 

Yes! We can customize any design.

Whatever you design, Ecocor can build. Our designs can be used as is or customized to fit your particular site and needs.